Online therapy can be a great way to access the mental health services you need, especially in today’s busy world. Online therapy reduces the amount of time you spend traveling to an in-office appointment. In addition, you can attend session where it is convenient for you, whether that’s your office, home or anywhere in between. Many clients even report it reduces the anxiety they would normally experience if they had to visit a physical office location. Online therapy is not for everyone, but there are many reasons why clients prefer this method of meeting!

All you will need to participate in video based sessions is a computer, smartphone, or tablet that has video capability. Most smartphones, tablets and laptop computers have a webcam and microphone built-in. Using earphones or earbuds can be helpful during session to prevent echoing sounds, but are not required. You will also need to ensure your internet is working. You may have internet access via data on your smartphone, regular internet access, or wifi connection. 

I can see clients that live in Texas, Kentucky, and Indiana because I hold a license to practice in all three of these states. As long as you are in one of these states at the time of our session, we are able to meet! 

I help any individual, couple, or family that is facing a challenge or multiple challenges. Anyone that is struggling to find meaning or perpetuate change in their life. If you are motivated to understand yourself, finally reach your goals and work toward a happier life, then you are my ideal client! 

*Parents - I also work with children if you feel they are able to utilize technology to meet online.*

This is a question many people have. This can vary greatly from person to person. Each individual I work with is on a journey unique to them. The length you are in therapy depends on your needs and your goals. Some clients can get their desired benefit from only a few sessions, while others decide to dedicate may years to therapy. Initially many clients feel better within a session or two because they have finally experienced a place where they can process their thoughts and emotions freely, without judgement. The process of building a therapeutic relationship does take some time and I really engage in trying to know and understand you as an individual. Learning in depth about yourself and implementing change that will last long-term is different for everyone. We will discuss your goals for therapy to establish a timeline for our work together. 

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